Ex-Wives of Rock

Ex-Wives of Rock

Athena Bass

One other Ex-Wives would most likely describe Athena like this: fiercely faithful, funny as hell, with something special for drumming like Animal through the Muppets. They may additionally add she’s a breast cancer tumors survivor endowed with otherworldly persistence – just just exactly how else do you realy explain why she set up with ex-husband James Kottak (drummer for the Scorpions) for way too long?

One other ladies may also tell you that Athena’s had a stable streak of misfortune over the past couple of years; there clearly was the revelations of James’ numerous infidelities, then their apparently divorce that is endless then custody problems involving their three young ones. For an instant, it looked she pulled it together – just before the death of her mother like she might lose her persistent war with alcoholism, but. As Athena states, I would not have visit.“if it had beenn’t for dissatisfaction,”

Mind you, it is nothing like Athena’s assisting herself – after realizing the mistake of their methods, James spent the majority of last period attempting (in the very very very own way that is uniquely antagonistic to woo Athena straight right right back – to your degree that she’s seriously considering going back with him. Will Athena forget her very own anger and good judgement whenever it comes down to James? Will her parade of misery continue? You’ll have to view this year of Ex-Wives of Rock to learn.

Blue Dixon

As Ryan Gosling famously stated within the movie Crazy, Stupid, Love, “women destroyed the war regarding the sexes if they began pole-dancing for workout.” Blue Dixon will not maybe share this opinion…or she does, and that’s why she began her ever-expanding pole dance kingdom.

In the event that you ask her, Blue will say to you she’s the “most together of the many women.” She said it whenever she ended up being hitched to Warrant bassist Jerry Dixon, and she states it today. Ironically, one other Ex-Wives have the in an identical way about this comment now they think it’s a load of crap as they did back then. Continue lendo “Ex-Wives of Rock”